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The 2-pole cable system of Nicolay

The selection of this ECG cable system which was developed by Nicolay in 1985, was used as the basis for the AAMI - ANSI standard by an independent commission in 1995. The AMMI standard was written against this Nicolay designed product again showing our expertise and knowledge of this market.


Versions trunk cable
- 3-lead, 5-lead and 10-lead configuration
- Defibrillation protection according to IEC
- OR version available
Interconnection of leadset and yoke
- Interconnection of leadset and yoke with standard 2-pole contact according to AAMII-ANSI.
- Constant insertion force < withdrawal force due to the lead set snapping into the yoke
- Fully shielded
Yoke and trunk cable
- The yoke is backwards compatible to the yoke and the DIN safety plug 42802
- This system can be customised to meet your requirements of raw cable design and colour, electrical components, colouring, labelling, etc.
Instrument plug
Nicolay offers a full portfolio of instrument plugs that have been developed especially for the cable systems of Nicolay. In addition, our product range includes optimally aligned instrument sockets. Upon request, we can even adapt and connect your individual OEM instrument plug to our cable systems.
Lead set
- Lead set with replaceable single leads
- Highly flexible tinsel conductors available on request
- Cable jacket consisting of minimally adhesive biologically compatible surface (M-PUR)
- Customised adaptations possible: lead set electrode connection (e.g. grabber, snap etc.), electrical components, colouring, labelling, etc.
- Individual adaptability according to customer's request on the basis of use model
- Thus, maximum patient and user comfort
- High Nicolay quality and lifetime resulting in reduced product lifecycle costs
- Low initial costs


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