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Customer-oriented Innovations

Nicolay products have always been and will continue to be forerunners when it comes to customer-oriented innovations with the highest customer benefit.
We take up our customers needs and future applications to develop corresponding innovative technologies and products.

3 examples of Nicolay innvovations:
- The Nicolay 2-pole connector system with replaceable single leads (3-lead, 5-lead and 10-lead). This system was used in 1995 as the basis for the AAMI - ANSI Standard "EC53 1995 ECG cables and leadwires".
- Design and production of a SpO2 Sensor for Hewlett-Packard, which was the only SpO2 sensor made of silicone completely on the market for 25 years.
- "Monolead" - A joint project with Dräger Medical


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