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Instrument plug

The instrument plugs of Nicolay offer you many choices to meet your product specific needs. This product group is characterised by the high lifetime and robustness of our product. These connectors combined with one of our cable systems give you an optimal solution for your patients needs.

- Basic versions: 10-, 12- and 20-poles
- Mini versions: mini7 and mini12
- Any connection plug arrangement (user defined plug connection)
- Assembly versions: mini7, mini12; 10-, 12- and 20-pole plugs
- Strain reliefs with straight, 45°- and 90°- exits for cables with a diameter of 3 - 8.2mm (basic versions) and 3- 5.5 mm (mini versions)
- Snap mechanism with "click" via snap (engagement) tongue with spring function (plug side) in undercut (instrument socket); friction via metal contacts
- Thus, constant insertion and withdrawal forces
- Floating contacts and thus optimal fit to the instrument sockets of Nicolay
- Potting and foaming technology (overmoulded versions) allows for high packing density at high electrical strength and robustness
- Nicolay mini plug and socket systems follow the trend of continuous miniaturisation
- All plugs with Nicolay bend relief geometry to enhance the bending cycle performance
- All versions are available with customer specific keying
- All colours available
Advantage/Customer benefits
- Flexible adaptation to customer-specific application
- Quality means: optimal fit to the cable system and the instrument socket
- A safe signal and thus the best possible patient safety
- High robustness and lifetime: insertion cycles, bending cycle performance and withdrawal forces are tested and optimised


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mini12 connector system

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Instrument plug


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