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Nicolay SpO2 Sensor

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Nicolay SpO2 Sensor

Nicolay presents a new platform for the customer specific SpO2 measurement:

The "Nicolay SpO2 Sensor".

It is based on Nicolay's long term expertise and knowledge of this market as well as the Nicolay core competence in processing 2-component silicones in injection moulding. 

- made completely of silicone; fully encapsulated opto-electronic components and cable channels
- extremely thin sensor walls with high flexibility and robustness
Cable and plug
- design and manufacturing at Nicolay
- high variety of cables and plugs available without tooling cost
- customization possible (e.g. cable length, mechanical coding of plug and color)
- sealing (immersibility) of connection sensor -> cable
- easy cleaning through full immersibility into cleaning agents
- high durability and low life-cycle cost
- optimal finger-fit with reduced artefact risk and thus high patient comfort
- quickly and easily to apply
- high patient safety
Customer benefits
- complete application from patient to monitor
- low tooling cost using standard modules
- optimal adaption to customer specific applications and protection of replacement business through:
- calibration and selection of electro-optical components done by customer
- adaption of sensor cable according to customer requirements
- mechanical coding according to customer specifications
- exclusive labeling and individual colors
Additional differentiating features
- reduced weight
- improved air circulation inside the sensor
- symmetric design
- one size fits all


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Nicolay SpO2 Sensor


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