A large crowd at the Nicolay family festival

A full house at Nicolay’s 2019 family festival: employees and their families, friends and acquaintances were invited to join in the festivities and take a tour of the plant.

Suppliers jointly develop a flow sensor solution


Sensirion AG, based in Stäfa, Switzerland, and NICOLAY, based in Nagold, Germany, have been offering a flow sensor solution with cabling options since February 2019, reports medizin&technik in its 03/2019 issue.

Flow sensor solution for mechanical ventilators


Flow sensor solution for mechanical ventilators from Nicolay and Sensirion precisely measures inhalation and exhalation flows close to the patient, reports Meditronic-Journal in its 2/2019 issue.

Ready for UDI


In future, medical products will have to be clearly identifiable and traceable worldwide.