Manufacturing technology
is one of our services
Manufacturing technology
is one of our services


Great Performance Engineering – this stands for unparalleled engineering expertise and design excellence that is reflected, first and foremost, in the performance and, therefore, the quality of our products. At NICOLAY, we ensure this is always the case. We achieve this thanks to our production facility with a high degree of vertical integration, where one element builds on the other and everything comes from a single source – for your medical technology solution. This is how we join everything together in a space that exceeds 9,500 m 2. From injection moulding to assembly and stamping. And for cable production, we even have our own company in the group – SENSOCAB.

Injection moulding expertise
Plastics meet experience

Whether it’s special cables, cable harness production, cable connections or connectors – our production capabilities are extremely broad and we can manufacture it all. At NICOLAY, we have 49 injection moulding machines for all technical plastics and plastics approved for medical use. Seven of them are used for processing two-component silicone of all common Shore hardnesses. The most important component in the dosing and mixing of all ingredients is our expertise – from over 25 years of experience in mechanical silicone processing. This not only ensures that we achieve a consistently high level of throughput, but above all, consistently high quality.

SENSOCAB cable expertise
For fine and flexible cables

Medical cables and special cables are sometimes particularly thin and highly flexible. Some of them have cable diameters of just 10 or even only 2 mm and copper strands ranging from AWG 44 to AWG 18. Manufacturing such cables is a skill that not every company possesses. But we do – because this is exactly why we founded a company back in 1992 that plays a crucial role for us at NICOLAY and within the entire GPE Group when it comes to the production of these and similar fine and flexible cables: SENSOCAB. This enables us to guarantee you and all our OEM customers resource security, flexibility as well as uniform standards of quality.

Assembly expertise
Manual, semi-automated or fully automated

In our assembly, one thing flows to another – as part of a fully automated process. And where that is not possible, we tackle the job either in a semi-automated process or even manually. This ensures that you do not receive just any medical cable, sensor or connector, but exactly the one we defined together during product development. And you receive it as a result of an efficient, smooth production process.

Punching expertise
The final touch

We do not do things by halves – we provide complete solutions. Especially when it comes to your medical devices in non-invasive patient monitoring. This is precisely why we are continuously expanding our areas of expertise. Punching technology is one of them. For you – and therefore also for us, of course. So that you can obtain your entire cable system, including cable assembly services, from a single source.

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