SpO2 sensor from NICOLAY for measuring blood oxygen saturation
SpO2 sensor from NICOLAY for measuring blood oxygen saturation


To make it easier to handle, we made it particularly lightweight. Thus, a NICOLAY SpO2 sensor is easy to attach to a patient’s finger thanks to its one-size-fits-all design and is easy to clean by means of immersion disinfection. With its optimal, well-ventilated finger fit and symmetrical design, it delivers maximum patient safety, a low risk of artefacts and an extremely high level of user comfort. Reliable patient data guaranteed.
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NICOLAY SpO2 sensor
Extremely robust and long-lasting

Our sensors for measuring oxygen saturation in the blood are made entirely of silicone and have fully encapsulated optoelectronic components and cable channels. The sensor walls are extremely thin, flexible and tear-resistant. The design of the pulse oximeter’s sensor connector can be customised to the customer’s exact specifications. Thanks to all these features, our products stand out for their exceptional robustness– and consequently, their low life cycle costs. You can look forward to a long service life.
Your benefits
  • You receive a complete patient-to-device solution from a single source
  • You benefit from low tool costs due to the use of standard modules
  • For your specific application and to safeguard your spare parts business, you will receive a customised design consisting of:
    The calibration – you determine the selection of the optical components yourself
    The customisation and adaptation of the device connector
    The exclusive labelling and the custom colour

NICOLAY finger/ear pulse sensor
For cardio applications

Extremely thin, flexible leads and a customised device connector – for combined finger and ear pulse monitoring, our NICOLAY finger/ear pulse sensor delivers greater flexibility for cardio applications.
We are often asked, ‘what does Spo2 or SpO2 refer to?’ Or sometimes, ‘what does SpO2 mean, anyway?’ O2 stands for oxygen, of course. ‘Sp’ stands for the peripheral oxygen saturation in the blood. So the focus is on questions like these: What is the blood oxygen saturation level? How high should the blood oxygen saturation level be? How low can it be? Which SpO2 value is appropriate for newborns, for children and for adults? The level is measured by means of pulse oximetry, which is used in emergency services, intensive care units and anaesthesia as a non-invasive standard method of monitoring patients. Another field of application is, for example, sleep medicine. Here, measuring the blood oxygen saturation level is used to diagnose whether adults suffer from sleep apnoea and how this health problem affects the oxygen in the blood.

Silicone and sensor technology
This is our field of expertise

NICOLAY developed the first SpO2 sensor back in 1988 in collaboration with HP. Using our knowledge and manufacturing expertise, we look forward to supporting you in the development of your own pulse oxymetry solution. Whenever the focus is on blood oxygen level measurement – do not hesitate to get in touch with us.