Supply chain management
is one of our services
Supply chain management
is one of our services


You manufacture ECG and EEG devices, high-frequency surgical equipment, pulse oximeters, defibrillators and other medical technology devices. You require cable systems, connector systems, handpieces and sensors. And not at some point, but exactly when your production demands it. We coordinate with you. And we don’t just deliver your customised solution for your non-invasive patient application. We always deliver them right when you need them.

Logistics concepts
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We will work with you to develop the most suitable logistics concept for your processes and requirements. Examples include:

  • A framework agreement with flexible delivery schedules
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) – inventory management of your warehouse
  • A consignment agreement – also in connection with VMI
  • Integration with your forecasting models and systems
  • Flexible and coordinated transport solutions
  • A continuous supply chain concept across several value creation stages and partners
  • Project planning of an IT solution for exchanging data (EDI, web EDI, web portals, etc.)

Our advantage and your benefit

Thanks to our high degree of vertical integration, we can offer you what all our OEM customers want most urgently – flexibility. In the process, we address your specific requirements and needs. Our pull-driven Kanban production management as well as automated one-piece-flow production lines make this possible. This enables us to handle everything from small one-off orders to small batches to large series within the framework of a customised process.

And we would be delighted to do this for you too. Get in touch with us today.

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