Product development
is one of our services
Product development
is one of our services


Your requirements are decisive. Your needs are extremely important. Clarifying both in an initial discussion and then continuously coordinating them with you during the product development process is crucial for the success of our joint project. For this reason alone, your personal NICOLAY project manager will accompany you through the entire process right from the start.

State-of-the-art design
According to your requirements

Here at NICOLAY, mechanical design, tool design and technical documentation go hand in hand. This is how we transform your idea into exactly the product you need, with the level of product quality you desire. Our 15 CAD experts translate your requirements and specifications via Solid Works and Auto-CAD into 3D and 2D designs and create a production-ready design on this basis. During this stage, the most important element is you. This is because our design only moves forward to our prototyping manufacturing team once you have given us your OK.

Prototype and sample manufacturing
Attention to detail you can touch

It is a completely different thing to see a design on paper or on a screen and actually hold a prototype in your hands – with all the ideas, details and subtleties that are crucial for your medical technology task. Is everything where it needs to be? Do the components that later have to determine and transmit values and data work? These are the questions and functionalities that we clarify in this stage – in close consultation with you, of course. It is the final touch that culminates in the close-to-production approved sample.

Tool manufacturing
Fast, prompt, reliable

Our in-house injection moulding tool manufacturing speeds up the development process and improves the response time. This enables us to produce the right tool quickly and promptly on the basis of your approved sample. And if things do get a little more complicated, we can draw on a network of specialised partners. This way you can be sure that we will start pre-production manufacturing on the agreed date.

Pre-production manufacturing
The final check before entering mass production

We have the design, we have the approved sample, we have the tool. Perfect – now it is time for pre-production manufacturing. This means that we manufacture the first production batches for you under mass production conditions and continuously optimise the production process in terms of cost efficiency and accuracy. These test series are documented by intensive quality control tests under realistic conditions – tailored to your individual application. This way, you are optimally prepared when your idea has been transformed into a product that will conquer the medical technology market.

Then it is ready for actual mass production.

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