HF handpieces
for electrosurgery
HF handpieces
for electrosurgery


Stanching the flow of blood, coagulating the finest veins or performing electrosurgery – this requires dexterity, a steady hand and HF surgical handpieces that fit comfortably in the hand. We here at NICOLAY develop and manufacture them for you – individually tailored to your specific requirements and in the colour and design of your choice. And, of course, in the top quality NICOLAY is known for. The perfect OEM solution for your HF device.

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Surgical handpieces
Absolute precision with the flick of a wrist

Maximum user comfort, maximum patient safety – the design and workmanship of our high-frequency surgical handpieces are individually adapted to the specifications of your patient application and feature low product life cycle costs and a long service life. The handpieces are available with a rocker or buttons, with an electrode shaft diameter of 1.6, 2.4 and 4.0, which can either be plugged into the handpiece or is permanently attached to the tip.

Forceps cable and connector
The perfect fit

Forceps cables and connectors are the optimal accessories to complete our electrosurgery range. The individually adaptable, easy-to-clean device connectors are overmoulded, the cable sheath is made of silicone and has a smooth surface.

NICOLAY HF handpieces
Unparalleled performance in the palm of the hand

The switch insert is completely silicone-encapsulated. Variable electrode diameters can be realised. They are available with two push buttons and permanently attached to the tip of the handpiece. It doesn’’t get much more personalised than this – our NICOLAY surgical handpieces are completely tailored to you and your needs. Take advantage of our customised platform for your individual OEM solution: