When it comes to non-invasive patient cables in monitoring or diagnostics, reliable connection technology is critical. We offer you a wide selection – from EEG/ECG cable systems and HF surgical handpieces to silicone sensors and connector systems. If you are also looking for a customised solution beyond this, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will develop it for you.

NICOLAY cable systems to keep signals flowing

NICOLAY successfully developed, manufactured and sold the first ECG/EEG cables back in 1977. In the meantime, the third generation of an ECG/EEG cable system is on the market – our NICOLAY cable system 2000. Together with our bipolar ECG cable systems as well as our electrode connectors, it offers advantages that make every OEM customer’s heart beat faster.

HF surgery
NICOLAY solutions with tangible benefits

NICOLAY’s high-frequency surgical handpieces stand out due to their customised design, extreme robustness and long service life. With their significantly extended durability and reliability, they not feel extremely comfortable to hold, they are also the perfect choice for surgeons who have their hands full.

NICOLAY sensors for saturation

With our NICOLAY SpO2 silicone sensors for measuring blood oxygen saturation, we have been setting standards in the market for decades. NICOLAY developed the silicone sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation together with HP back in 1988.
As such, with our sensors for pulse oximeters, we possess product knowledge that is unique in the industry and outstanding manufacturing expertise in the processing of two-component silicones.

NICOLAY connector systems

Whether device connectors, connector sockets or the mini7/mini12 connector system – the many different versions of our NICOLAY connectors can be adapted to a wide range of specific needs. They stand out due to their long service life and high degree of robustness. Most importantly, these connector and plug elements can be ideally combined with our NICOLAY cable systems.

Other applications:
NICOLAY connectors for every situation

Be it connector systems and cables for defibrillators, toco and ultrasonic transducers, vacuum lines or flow sensor connectors – NICOLAY is the first choice for numerous OEM solutions that lie outside our core areas of business. No matter which connection you are looking for, please get in touch with us. We will find a solution – working together as your partner.
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