NICOLAY – Connector systems for medical technology
NICOLAY – Connector systems for medical technology


In medical technology and particularly in patient monitoring, safety is crucial. Only a bit of transmission is unacceptable. The optimal fit is required. From the connector to the socket, from the cable to the device – here at NICOLAY, our mission is to guarantee a reliable connection. Our OEM customers benefit from this quality, reliability and safety because it literally adds value to their equipment.
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NICOLAY device connector
Versatile and adaptable

Ultimately, it all comes down to a secure and reliable connection. We make them possible – with extremely robust, durable device connectors and through their flexible customisation to your individual applications. We refer to this as the ‘optimal fit’ between the cable system and the device socket. For a reliable signal and thus maximum patient safety. And to keep it that way, we put our connector systems through their paces and optimise them continuously – from the number of mating cycles to fatigue strength to the pull-off forces.
What sets NICOLAY connectors apart:
  • The reliable click mechanism (by means of a precisely defined insertion and extraction force for locking and unlocking)
  • Consistently high insertion and extraction forces
  • Floating contacts and thus optimal fit with Nicolay connector sockets
  • High packing density for high dielectric strength and robustness
  • NICOLAY mini connector systems follow the trend towards constant miniaturisation
  • Grommet geometry to increase fatigue strength
  • Mechanically encodable
  • Available in any colour
  • Basic versions: 7-, 10-, 12- and 20-pin
  • Mini versions: mini7 and mini12 (IP classification)
  • Any desired pin assignment
  • Installation versions: mini7, mini12; 10-, 12- and 20-pin connectors
  • Grommets with straight, 45° and 90° outlets for cables with diameters of 3 – 8.2 mm (basic versions) and 3 – 5.5 mm (mini versions)

NICOLAY connector sockets
The right socket for every connector

Our NICOLAY connector boxes are available with a direct connection, with PCB and solder pins, and with straight or 90° outlets. They are mechanically encodable, available in every colour and are designed for constant insertion and withdrawal forces. Thanks to their increased pulling force, you benefit from a more reliable application with a highly variable range of use. And above all, the optimal fit to the NICOLAY connector range is always guaranteed thanks to the click mechanism.

NICOLAY mini7/mini12 connector systems
The smaller the better

With our mini7 and mini12 connector systems, we have developed optimally matching interfaces that are also compatible with our cable system 2000, among others. Compared to existing, technically comparable ECG cable systems, we have realised a significant reduction in size, while maintaining the same high level of quality and reliability of the connection.
The mini7/mini12 connector system:
  • Matches the design of your ever-shrinking devices in terms of its size
  • Is based on the high technical standard of NICOLAY’s tried-and-trusted 7- and 12-pin circular connectors
  • Is voltage-resistant and robust despite its high packing density thanks to its encapsulation technology
  • Offers the best possible fit between the connector and the socket – reliable signal transmission guaranteed
  • Is available in straight and 90° angled versions for PCB assembly
  • Is also available with a direct connection to single Cu cables
  • Has connectors that are moulded onto various cables up to an outer diameter of 5.5 mm (also available as an assembly version)
  • Is available in any colour, optionally with exclusive coding – for maximum application safety
  • Tooling costs only apply to custom codings